50 years of Beverly Hills

50 years have passed since the iconic Beverly Hills opened its doors.

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In 1964 the hotel was the first of its kind and now, 50 years later, it is a landmark of the uMhlanga coastline, with the lighthouse watching it grow and change over time.  Many happy memories have been formed and celebrated at the Beverly Hills and we want to you to share them with us.

The nostalgia of looking at old family photographs is something all families love to do. Share your nostalgia and look back at the memories you have created at the Beverly Hills.  Relive the magic and share your journey while we celebrate ours, send in your stories, photographs and videos to us.

You can send to one of the following channels and be a part of the celebration:

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Each and every person who has come to stay at the Beverly Hills has a unique story with fond memories of their time at this grand hotel.  Camille and Isidore Segal are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year and have shared a small part of their memorable journey with us.


The hotel is loved and cherished as a landmark and as a place of fond memories, shared by couples like Camille and Isidore.  Seen here they are enjoying the Sunday lunch buffet, which was and still is a highlight of the hotel. Relaxing by the pool with the old water slide in view, Camille and Isidore can be seen thoroughly enjoying their time.

If you’d like to see your precious stories here, please share them with us to the links mentioned above.  

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  • Brenda Monyebodi

    Written on April 14, 2014

    Happy 50th birthday Beverley Hills. Thank you for many happy memories. I truly miss the exotic Pina Colada cocktails and double sized Tequila shots at Elements and the delicious seafood platters and playing the piano upstairs. Will be back soon, Gauteng is just an hour flight away. Will be back in Durban to holiday soon.