Saving Water in the Western Cape

Message from the City of Cape Town and Western Cape Provincial Government:

Cape Town is in a water-scarce region and is currently in the midst of a very serious drought. The City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Provincial Government are doing everything in their powers to mitigate the challenges faced by the ongoing drought in the region.

Importantly, at the current dam levels, the City of Cape Town has assured us that Cape Town will not run out of water until March next year and by then several of the City’s initiatives will have come on line to push that day out even further. By working together with businesses, through a variety of initiatives, the aim of the local and provincial governments is to ensure that the taps do not run dry at any point.

From a tourist perspective, it is important to realise that despite Cape Town being a popular destination, foreign tourists only make up on average 1% of the population of the Western Cape Province at any given time, and total tourists (foreign and local) constitute only 3.4% of the total provincial population on the busiest days.

There is thus no need for tourists to change their plans or to consider alternate destinations. That said, visitors are asked to be aware of the current water crisis facing the city and province and to adopt the approach launched by the City to ‘Save like a Local’.

How Tsogo Sun is helping

We are committed to saving water at all of our hotels in the Western Cape and we have introduced several measures in order to do so. These include:

  • Installing aerators and flow restrictors on all taps, as well as low pressure shower heads, which have reduced the water flow in the shower roses to less than nine litres per minute, and the basin taps to less than three litres per minute.
  • Reducing the frequency of replacing linen and towels.
  • Replacing linen serviettes in our restaurants with good-quality paper serviettes.
  • Removing all bath plugs from guest’s rooms.
  • Topping up our pools with non-potable water that has been treated.
  • Using non-potable water for the washing of windows when required.
  • Constantly monitoring water usage against certain targets through newly installed dashboards.

Over and above these steps we have taken, we are also creating overall awareness among all our staff and guests to use water sparingly. From displaying posters in public areas and back-of-house to serve as reminders, to handing guests water-saving tips at check-in, we are making sure that we are reminding everyone to help ‘Save Like a Local’.

Since implementing these water-saving measures, our hotels in the Western Cape have decreased their water consumption by approximately 20%, amid increased occupancy levels.

Finally, we are considering taking four of our hotels in the Western Cape off the grid and are currently in discussions with various city partners around desalination plants and alternative water augmentation.

We will continue to keep you updated about how we are helping to save water.

For useful resources and water saving tips please click here.