The Power of Poison

The American Museum of Natural History, New York, is to open its award winning  travelling exhibition The Power of Poison, for the first time in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban in 2016.

The American exhibition, comprising of five themes including Poison in Nature, Poison in Myth and legend, Detecting Poison, Poison by Accident and Poison for Good, explores poison’s paradoxical roles in nature, human health and history, literature, and myth from across the globe and will feature real poisonous animals and plants including South African and African species. Visitors of all ages will be able to find out which familiar tales of illness, enchantment, or death by poison – a feature of countless fairy tales, myths and legends from around the world – contain kernels of truth.

The Power of Poison exhibition will take place at:



24 June 2016 to 12 August 2016

10 am to 7pm

For more information and to book visit the Silverstar website