54 on Bath Afternoon Tea

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – we all know them, and we all love them. But I’m of the opinion that these common meal times are a little overrated. So I decided to try something a bit different and visited 54 on Bath for an afternoon of pure luxury with their exclusive afternoon tea.


Afternoon Tea may sound like it’s reserved for aging British aristocrats, but you’ve never been more wrong about anything in your life. When you see just how above and beyond 54 on Bath goes with this revered tradition, you’ll want to sniff at the upper classes and proclaim that the masses are taking back Afternoon Tea with a vengeance.

First thing’s first: the tea. An afternoon tea just wouldn’t be right without a wide array of delicious tastes and textures to choose from. The menu is absolutely loaded with choices, from traditional Earl Greys to adventurous flavours of the East. I went for the Jasmine Pearls – elegantly fragrant Chinese green teas blended with jasmine blossoms – and I have never felt more posh in my life. The beverage was brought out in a beautiful pot, and brewed right there on the table. It’s a simple equation really. Leaves + boiling water + tea timer = the best cup of tea you will ever have.


And of course if you’re like me and prefer your tea like you prefer your friends – a little on the sweet side – there’s a range of flavouring options at your disposal, from citrus slices to heavenly fruity syrups. Wonder if the aristocrats ever thought of that? Milk and sugar…pffft!


But what makes Afternoon Tea more than just a cuppa’ with your mates? It’s the food…oh my…the food. Everything from your favourite cucumber sandwiches to the sweetest sweets on earth will be presented to you at 54 on Bath. I was able to sit back and relax while our waiter brought out an array of heavenly finger sandwiches and salmon quiches, along with traditional cream and jam scones…it’s no coincidence that ‘yummy’ and ‘tummy’ rhyme. But these were merely a starter, because soon I was sampling the sweet treats.


You’d be forgiven for crying at the sheer sight of the gorgeous desserts laid in front of you. Deciding which one to tuck into first was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Well here’s a top tip that I learnt: don’t bother asking what each unique creation is. Simply pick one and let your taste buds do the deciphering for you. I still can’t tell you what half of the luscious things on my plate were, so I’ve given them names like ‘the chocolaty thing made with bits of real angel’ and ‘the one that made my tongue weep with happiness’.


And the food just kept on coming. As soon as your plate clears, another helping of glorious Afternoon Tea snacks is laid before you. So be ready to roll out of the hotel like a beach ball. For the lovers of things a little stronger than tea (like myself) you’ll also have the option of turning your PG afternoon into something a little more ‘adults only’ with a bottle of exclusive Veuve Clicquot champagne.


Tea, champagne, sandwiches, desserts – sounds like an afternoon fit for a king, doesn’t it? Well it really is. The 54 on Bath Afternoon Tea experience will transport you from the land of everyday life into a world of noble titles, posh conversation and a feeling of fullness you’ve never experienced before.

Dress up. Dress down. Dress sideways. As long as you’re dressed for an afternoon of epic proportions. Take it from me…you won’t regret it.

Do yourself a favour, book soon.