WATCH: Cape Town is open for business, despite drought

As you know, Cape Town is currently experiencing the worst drought in history. Since last year, Tsogo Sun has put several measures in place to save water at our hotels in the Western Cape, which includes aerators and flow restrictors on taps as well as inserting low pressure heads on showers.

We are working closely with the city of Cape Town on a water resilience plan. This plan includes:
  1. The installation of a desalination plant at the Westin Hotel which will feed the Cullinan and the SS Waterfront, which is scheduled to be operational by the end of February.
  2. We have upgraded the borehole at the Southern Sun Newlands and are currently extracting water from this.
  3. At SunSquare Gardens, we have just drilled a Borehole and will be using that water supply
  4. The City Bowl hotels fits within the Cape Town City and we have been advised by the city of cape town that supply of water to the CBD will not be interrupted.
  5. There are plans for the remaining properties which we will advise in due course

As Cape Town navigates the current water shortage, guests and operators can be reassured that Tsogo Sun will honour all confirmed hotel bookings. Click here to view our video detailing our commitment to saving water.

Ravi Nadasen, chief operating officer of hotels for Tsogo Sun and the deputy chairperson of the Tourism Business Council, has written a piece for HuffPost SA as well. You can click here to read the article.