#CelebrateWonderful with our Champagne Day Special Offers!

Champagne, what a wonderful thing. The white, rouge and golden bubbles have been charming us for centuries. As the story goes, Dom Perignon accidentally discovered this decadent delight… “Come quickly! I am tasting the stars!” were his words when he took a sip of his bubbly invention.

Legend or not, since the discovery of Champagne, no special occasion has been the same. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all life’s wonderful moments are celebrated with some bubbles sparkling and floating to the surface of an elegant flute. Not to mention some of the beautiful things you can pair with a glass of bubbles to create a sensational sensory experience. Oysters, salads, strawberries… these are just some of Champagne’s favourite things.

No wonder there’s a day dedicated to Champagne! This year, when we celebrate Champagne Day on 20 October, we want to take some advice from Coco Chanel. This iconic fashion designer famously said that she only drinks champagne on two occasions: when she’s in love and when she isn’t. So always, then. We think this is a fabulous philosophy. No matter the day, the destination, the reason or occasion, this divine drink symbolises how every moment can be celebrated. Enjoy the magic of Champagne and indulge in your #moetmoment. Join us on 20 October 2017 at our participating hotels.

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