From DIY to fancy: Gift ideas for your love

So you’ve booked your special Valentine’s Day dinner. Now you’re deciding what gift you’re getting for that special someone. Valentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating love, so why not embrace it?

The gift can be tough. Flowers and chocolates are of course always welcome, but there’s something to be said for that personal touch. So here are a few ideas that you can customise to make sure you give your love something truly unique this year.


If you have some money to spend, these could work. What makes them great, is you can reverse the gifts as well – both gift ideas work for him and her.

FOR HER: Spoil her with a pair of shoes she has been eyeing. Before you think this is boring – make sure you write a quirky note to go with it that includes something like “I knew you were the one the day you walked into my life…” Not only will she love the shoes, she’ll think you’re pretty sweet to boot. REVERSE: Get him sneakers 

FOR HIM: Get him a nice watch (there are some great local designs that won’t break the bank) and make sure it comes with a note that translates your love into time, somehow: “I have loved you for (insert number) days and each second has been wonderful.” You get the idea.



If you’re looking to be romantic on a budget, DIY is always a fun way to go and these ideas can be tweaked to work perfectly for you.

FOR HER: Make this Valentine’s Day the one you tell her why you love her every day. Write down 365 reasons you love her instead of giving her a generic card. OR if 365 is a bit daunting to think of writing down, why not write down 14 reasons on separate (pretty) pieces of paper? Then you can hand her one reason each day from 1 February until Valentine’s Day. You will make her day every day.

FOR HIM: Two words: custom-made labels. We have some pretty wonderful local craft beers in South Africa. Instead of just getting your man a 6-pack of the quirkiest brew, why not have labels printed to stick on the bottles? You can write a different message on each one so that every time he cracks open a cold one, he has another reason to smile.


All images in this post were sourced from Pinterest.