Exploring The Incredible City of Maputo

What to do in Maputo

Visitors to Maputo in Mozambique will be spoilt for choice with the huge variety of things to see and do while travelling through this beautiful city. From beautiful architecture, to vibrant markets and some of the freshest seafood options you’re likely to find, Maputo is a traveller’s dream…

Whether you’re lucky enough to be in Maputo for business or leisure, you absolutely need to explore the city! To help, the team at Southern Sun Maputo has put together a list of five fantastic things you have to tick off your list when visiting…

1.Indulge in Pasteis de Nata

Southern Sun Maputo Pasteis de Nata

When arriving in Maputo, it’s always considered a good start if you enjoy a strong cup of coffee alongside freshly-baked Pasteis de Nata. These traditional Portuguese custard tarts originated from a monastery in Portugal and have only gotten better with age!

2. Explore Maputo’s heritage sites

Southern Sun Maputo Train station

The best way to discover the vibe and history of Maputo is by foot. Chat to our concierge and we’ll arrange a walking tour of the city that you’ll never forget. From the architectural influences of the city, to street food and even a botanical garden, it’s worth discovering!

3. Invest in a souvenir

Southern Sun Maputo Market

Because we would love for you to have a reminder of Maputo once you get home, popping into one of the nearby markets to pick up some souvenirs is a must! Handcrafted wooden statues, colourful handbags and spicy piri-piri are all an option.

4. Catch the sunset

Southern Sun Maputo Sunset

At Southern Sun Maputo, we’re lucky to have one of the best sunset views in the whole of Maputo. Wander down to the beachfront while local residents walk off their days, and make sure to catch what will surely be one of the most memorable sunsets you’ll ever experience.

5. Treat your tummy

Southern Sun Maputo Seafood Platter

Maputo has always been known for its seafood delicacies and Southern Sun Maputo believes in serving only the freshest and most delicious seafood available. Enjoy a Seafood Platter in our stylish Evolve Restaurant at the end of your trip…


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