Family fun at Paradise Sun in the Seychelles

While some may believe that the Seychelles is reserved exclusively for honeymooners, the truth is that there are tons of activities for families staying at Paradise Sun to participate in!

Travelling with kids can always be a little stressful, and the team at Paradise Sun have worked hard to make sure there is plenty to do for all ages when it comes to guests. If your kids ever do tire of swimming in the gentle shallows of our secluded bay, there are plenty of activities at the hotel, and just beyond it, to keep them busy while on holiday.

Our team has put together this great list of things for families to occupy themselves with, all while soaking up the Seychelles’ sun. Here’s a taste of what to expect during your family holiday…

Creole dancing

We love showing off our local dance moves and making sure our guests pick up a few of the steps to take home.

Sunset cruises

End off the day with a trip out on the serene waters of the Seychelles. Paradise Sun offers a complimentary sunset cruise each Wednesday, booking is essential.

Coconut demonstrations

There are many more things to do with coconuts and their fronds than simply eating them. Let one of our entertainers show you how to weave a basket or even a hat!

Cooking demonstrations

Want to take a little Seychellois flavour home with you? Find out more about the unique combination of spices we use in our local dishes and how to cook with them.

Discover Creole culture

Paradise Sun has a traditional Creole house on its grounds. Find out more about Creole culture and the lifestyle of Seychellois residents.

Immerse yourself in nature

Once a week, we host a nature walk that shows off the grounds and beautiful surrounds of Paradise Sun. Find out what food grows right on the roadside and what spices look like in their raw form.

There are lots more activities on offer at Paradise Sun, view the weekly calendar of activities here.