A recipe for some February fun

Traditionally, January is the month of recovery after an over-indulgent festive season. But luckily, February is here. That said, it’s probably best to ease into the fun after your “dry January”, so why not go slow with gin? You can have just the right amount of fun while still keeping it dry, so to speak. Plus, you’ve probably noticed that gin is all the rage…

There are some incredible flavours being conjured up at gin distilleries across the country, and each craft gin has some wonderfully unique way of being served – whether it be with cucumber slices or vanilla pods, or just the colour of the tonic, there’s no shortage of originality.

So, why not treat yourself to a summer drink over the weekend, or impress your guests with this unique, yet simple, gin cocktail? It looks and tastes fancy, but is actually super easy to make.

The Palazzo’s Pink Sapphire Spritz
  • 50ml (2 tots) premium gin of your choice
  • 25ml (1 tot) Cointreau or a top-quality Triple Sec liqueur
  • 75 ml Freshly squeezed (organic) pink grapefruit
  • A pinch of salt
  • Sparkling wine of your choice

TIP: Try and go for a sparkling wine with a touch of sugar – Prosecco, Krone Night Nectar or any good Demi Sec style will do the trick.

  • Combine your gin, Cointreau, pink grapefruit juice and that pinch of salt in a large pilsner glass.
  • Fill with ice, garnish with a slice of grapefruit, and top up with ice-cold sparkling wine.

Voila! Sip on this simple, straightforward, delicious and refreshing treat.

Of course, you’re always welcome to come and enjoy this delicious drink at The Palazzo.