Grinning at local comedy

casper rasper

So you’re sitting close to the front row and the comedian on stage is in dire trouble to say the least.  He’s just not funny and you’re not the only one who thinks so. Somebody even let’s out a “boo!”.  Ouch! You’ve just experienced this right? NO!

That would make sense given the rise and rise of the local comedy scene. I really did paint that scenario for some mates last week and not one of them had experienced a completely cringe-worthy stand-up comedy experience. We all have favourites of course and some un-favourites but you can’t deny that local comedy has earned its rightful place as a recognized industry all on its own.

As always, some folks have painstakingly laid the groundwork. Think of Joe Parker himself who was honoured in 2012 by the Comics Choice Awards panel with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He now runs a very successful comedy club with permanent gigs at Montecasino and Gold Reef City but he worked long and hard to get there.

You all have a ‘cousin’ called Barry Hilton. The older folk have seen his stand-up gigs and the young folk know him from recent Savanna TV ad antics. In 2013, Barry Hilton will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Comics Choice Awards panel and while we say goodbye to legends such as these (I know there are many more) we say hello to so many new and exciting SA comedians.


In August, September and October, Montecasino has become the home of local comedy celebrating these comedians in impressive style. Firstly, the 2013 installment of the annual Comics Choice Awards happens 24 August. These are Industry awards where comedians honour their fellow comedians. Yes the public can come and get a great evening of entertainment as well but if that floats your boat, then just a few days later the local comedians go BIG with Mass Hysteria.


Tumi Morake; John Vlismas; Casper De Vries; Nik Rabinowitz; Ndumiso Lindi; Chester Missing; Mpho Popps and Joey Rasdien all take to the stage as the new Parliamentarians. Each has a portfolio and they rip it to shreds. If comedy was a government, this would be it. Mass Hysteria runs from 28 – 31 August.


To top it all off, we welcome back Trevor Noah or as he’s become affectionately known, The Day Walker. Or Trev. Or Tricky Trev. He’s traveled the world and wants to share his experience with us. Trevor Noah’s It’s My Culture plays at Montecasino from 30 September to 20 October and every person I know has tickets.


The time to catch and celebrate local comedy is NOW. Well not like right now, but in these next 3 months at Montecasino.

6 Replies to “Grinning at local comedy”

  1. Awesome comedy to look forward too!!! I definitely will be attending Comedy Choice Awards and i definitely would love to see Trevor!

  2. One day I will still see a Trevor Noah show live, for now have to be happy with DVDs. I actually prefer to see a comedy show with only one, maybe two, comedians as the big shows always have guys that I don’t like :(.
    Luckily, everyone has different tastes and I wish Monte luck with both these shows!

  3. I really want to see Trevor Noah live! We watch all of his shows on DVD but there’s nothing like being at a live comedy show 🙂 the good ones make your abs hurt more from laughing than if you went to the gym hahahaha

  4. I super love comedy shows & movies had the privilege to attend mass hysteria & i thought John Vlismas was hilarious he was my favourite for the evening. Would love to go see Trevor Noah in action loved his crazy normal DVD.

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