Guest Post: Why I Cycle

Saul Kropman is one of the online influencers I managed to convince to do the Tsogo Sun Amashova Cycle Challenge with us this year.  With only a handful of days left before the race, I decided today’s blog post had to be something a little inspirational.  And so we asked Saul why he cycles.  This is his story.


Why I cycle

I used to be a fairly serious runner; I’ve completed the Two Oceans Ultra-marathon twice, done a handful of regular distance marathons and run more 21km and 10km races than I can count. The truth though was that I hated the early mornings, the nipple chafe and the physio.

Then I started cycling.

A few friends had casually started hitting some trails close to my office so I bought the cheapest bike I could find and started to appreciate lycra and spandex. Days before the first ride I had returned from completing the 56KM Two Oceans and was pretty sure I could handle a short 10KM stint. I still remember walking like Lucky Luke the next day…

Two years later I now own a road bike, mountain bike, two single speed bikes (obviously one wasn’t enough) and a fixed gear bike. I’ve actually had to regulate myself in order to avoid some female wrath. For me there’s something special about cycling, I am more than happy to wake up early in the morning and get on my bike in the freezing cold of winter.

When you’re on a bike riding long distance it’s just you in your head. We live in this crazy, busy world and this is one of the few opportunities I get to process what’s happening at work, at home and plan the future; cycling is the closest I get to meditation.

Tsogo Sun Amashova is technically the farthest I’ve ever gone on a bike and I can’t wait to enjoy a cold beer at the end in Durban!

Follow Saul’s journey this weekend on Twitter by monitoring the #TsogoShova hashtag, or his timeline directly – @SaulKza.