Incredible experiences at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa

Incredible experiences at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa

Nestled on a private peninsula on Mahé, Seychelles, MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa is one of the most incredible and luxurious experiences a traveller could wish for.

From the private, secluded villas, to the personalised, intuitive butlers, at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa, our guests are looked after like nowhere else in the world. The warm hospitality of the Seychelles is blended with a luxurious resort offering privacy, an exceptional spa, and gourmet dining.

Here is just a selection of the beautiful experiences awaiting travellers that choose to stay at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa…

Indulgent spa treatments

A visit to our island hideaway is not complete without a relaxing visit to the MAIA Spa, a boutique spa experience complimented by bespoke treatments from Omorovicza.

Unique massage treatments influenced by traditional Balinese techniques will relax you completely. Spend time in our Meditation Pavilion, offering complimentary, private yoga and qi gong.

Dining perfection

Gastronomy is integral to the MAIA experience. With an array of international influences, the chefs each bring flair to the dining experience at MAIA.

A mix of Asian, India, Mediterranean and Creole cuisine all meld together in a symphony of taste. Guests are treated to whatever they may desire, whenever they may want it, wherever they choose.

From the beachfront restaurant Tec-Tec, to your villa or the beach, we like to serve your meals wherever it pleases you. A skilled sommelier and a selection of top international wines expand on the gourmet experience at MAIA.

Secluded island villas

The 30 secluded villas at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa are each imbued with a characteristic calm ambience, and each offers a unique vantage point towards the ocean. Surrounded by the scent of lemongrass and cinnamon trees, guests cannot help but feel an immediate sense of relaxation and peace here.

A highlight for any guest at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa is the outdoor bathtub, prepared each evening with bubbles and freshly-picked exotic flowers from our gardens by your dedicated butler on request.

Explore the island

Take a trip to a local market, enjoy a visit to a museum, or visit the lush botanical gardens and heritage sites.

For adventure seekers, there is a host of outdoor activities ranging from snorkelling, diving, fishing or swimming to island hopping by boat or helicopter.

Image courtesy Seychelles Tourism Board.

Experience a Collection of Emotions

Our five Emotions are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities designed to give you a rich and sensual experience of the bounty that the Seychelles has to offer. From distinct flavours to breathtaking sights and unparalleled luxury, each of our Emotions captures the MAIA philosophy of ‘Whatever, Wherever, Whenever’.

These memorable experiences include a Full Moon Massage, Stand-up Paddle boarding, Wine Tasting, an excursion to the Aride Bird Sanctuary, or a Harmony Massage and private dining experience in your villa.