What to eat in Lagos

One of the best parts about travel is the opportunity to try the exciting local dishes that each new destination presents. Nigeria is no different with an array of spicy seafood dishes, succulent stews, and delicious sides that cannot be missed.

If you figure yourself as a food explorer of sorts, then dining at Southern Sun Ikoyi in Lagos is one for the bucket list! Discover the heat of the Cameroon pepper, the umami of Nigerian shrimp paste, or the distinct flavour of pounded yam.

We recommend these top dishes when visiting colourful Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria…

Crispy snails

This local delicacy is served in a tasty yellow pepper sauce or mountain tomato stew. It is great as a starter to share, or even as a dish all to yourself.

Peppered Whole Fish – Naija Style

Is there anything better than the freshest catch of the day prepared in a simple style with lots of flavour? Our Naija Style fish will have you coming back for more!

Traditional Nigerian Dishes

We’re very proud of the Nigerian dishes on our menu. From crispy snails to Egusi, Oha or Ofensala, you have to try them all. Goat meat is a delicious alternative to beef and is available during both lunch and dinner at Southern Sun Ikoyi. Add in some fried plantain to enjoy an authentic taste of Lagos!

Seafood platter

Lagos has an abundant supply of fresh seafood, and our stellar seafood platter is a must-try for a special occasion. Feast on a half lobster, prawns, line fish and calamari.


While the famous Ikoyi Hotel suya spot is no longer based on our premises, it is right around the corner and offers a taste of Nigerian street food nearby. A selection of meats are roasted on an open fire and dusted with a secret mix of spices and pepper.

Of course, if you’re looking for the familiar taste of a T-bone steak, or even the comforting feeling of a butter chicken curry, we have those placed on our à la carte menu too for guests.

Planning a special occasion? Why not book for our Seafood and Jazz Dinner or the popular Sunday Brunch at Southern Sun Ikoyi?