Mushroom Ravioli Recipe

Follow this stunning recipe to create a Delicious Mushroom Ravioli, perfect for a festive season light dinner and is the signature dish of Back O’ The Moon restaurant executive chef, Vaughan Assam.



Wonton Skins  –  0.2 KG

Shimiji Mushroom – 1 KG

Porcini Mushroom – 1 KG

Button Mushroom – 1 LT

White Onion – 0.5 KG

Thyme – 0.05 KG

Garlic – 0.05 KG

Parmeasan – 0.25 KG

Tomato – 1 KG

Basil Pesto – 0.15 KG

Olive Oil – 0.05 KG

Salted Butter – 0.12 KG

Black Pepper  –  0.01 KG

Maldon Salt – 0.01 KG

Micro Greens – 0.1 KG


  1. Clean onion, garlic and chop into brunois, slice mushrooms.
  2. Chop half tomato into brunois and grate the other half.
  3. Fry third of onion, garlic & thyme, add grated tomato and simmer, place through strainer once. cooked.
  4. Next third of onion repeat with chunky tomato, do not strain but set aside.
  5. Fry mushrooms with remainder of onion, season to taste add cheese, allow to cool.


  1. Place mushroom mix in centre of wonton and fold over crimping edge, cook in boiling water when ready.
  2. Heat smooth tomato & chunk sauce, place grated cheese on baking tray with dab of pest.
  3. Place dollop of smooth sauce on plate, place ravioli on top, sauté next half in butter and pesto and place on plate.
  4. Spoon over chunky tomato mix and garnish with parmesan chip and micro greens .