Mystery Box Recipe: Pollo Tagliatelle Pasta

As the official hospitality sponsor of MasterChef South Africa, we’re taking part in Mystery Box Dinners happening at selected restaurants across the group (psssst! You could stand a chance to win luxurious accommodation for two at Beverly Hills for 5 nights!).  I’ve managed to get my hands on some of the recipes that’ll be used across the country and I know that some of you, like me, want to be adventurous in the kitchen.

This week’s recipe is something for the parma ham lovers.  Mystery Box Recipe: Pollo Tagliatelle Pasta.

Photo credit: Nick Voutsas

Photo credit: Nick Voutsas

Box Ingredients:

  • 50g tagliatelle pasta
  • 200g chicken breast skinless
  • 1 small avocado
  • 10g coriander whole fresh
  • 1 clove fresh garlic
  • 20g parma ham
  • 100ml cream
  • 20g grated parmesan

Common Ingredients:

  • 1 onion 
  • 100ml olive oil
  • 10g coarse salt
  • Fine salt
  • Black Pepper


  1. Cook the pasta al dente in boiling water and olive oil
  2. Drain and drizzle with oil
  3. Slice the chicken breast into 1cm strips
  4. Finely chop onion and garlic
  5. De-pip the avo and remove the skin
  6. Half the avo, roughly chopping the one half, keeping the other half for garnish
  7. Dice the parma ham into small blocks

Cooking and Plating:

  1. Heat some olive oil in a medium size pan and sauté the onion, and garlic without colouring.
  2. Add in the chicken strips and allow to brown lightly.
  3. Add in the cream, roughly chopped avocado, diced Parma Ham and coriander leaves.
  4. Allow to slowly thicken over medium heat.
  5. Add in the grated parmesan.
  6. Season with generous black pepper and salt.
  7. Heat and season the pasta in a different pan.
  8. Add the pasta to the bowl
  9. Pour over the sauce and garnish with sliced avocado, shaved parmesan and coriander leaves.
  10. Serve and enjoy
Photo credit: Nick Voutsas

Photo credit: Nick Voutsas

2 Replies to “Mystery Box Recipe: Pollo Tagliatelle Pasta”

  1. Duane, Thank you for this fantastic recipe! It consists of all my favorite ingredients as well as my kids favorites too! It looks gorgeous and I just love the way you incorporate it all. This is so ideal for me as I am always looking to make quick, simple yet nutritious and tasty dishes for my family:) Another great thing right now is that avo is in season 🙂 which is perfect! Thank you once again and thank you Tsogo Sun! Such a beautiful hotel!

  2. That looks delish, think I will try that recipe at home but will just replace the chicken with a soya product…thank you for sharing your recipe!!!:)

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