On being a TRYathlete – And how staying at Southern Sun The Cullinan made everything better

“Why don’t you enter a triathlon?”

My friend Taryn, after having completed a half Iron Man, decided that I should do a triathlon. Never one to back down from doing something that most would find ridiculous I, of course, dived straight in. I had been pretty serious about my running a couple of years ago, finishing half marathons on the weekend and running double that every week in training. But cycling and swimming had been childhood pursuits left behind with the sands of time.

The week before the Discovery World Triathlon Series event hadn’t gone quite how I had planned it. Sick and on antibiotics, I had to taper my training down to nothing which didn’t help my swimming preparation.


I arrived at Southern Sun The Cullinan on Friday night having rushed from work to home and back out to the Gautrain to make my flight. I was stressed, nervous and excited all at the same time. My room was exactly what I needed to prepare for the triathlon. Spacious and comfortable with a welcome note from the manager and a bucket full of cold drinks to settle down for the night. Saturday came and went in a flash. Shower, breakfast, race briefing, collecting my bike and back to the hotel where they had prepped a storage area for it to sleep overnight. I spread out all of my gear on my bed to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything and settled in for a restful night of sleep.


The morning of the race arrived and I had to resist the urge to eat the entire breakfast buffet which was made easier by the fact that I was almost too nervous to eat. A quick swim, bike and run later and I was a triathlete, and a tired one at that. So it was off to the poolside bar at Southern Sun The Cullinan for a well-deserved cocktail to end off the day.

There’s no easy way to do a triathlon, it takes training, motivation and mental toughness. There is, however, an easy way to make sure that you get everything you need on race weekend and I found it on a pillow menu at Southern Sun The Cullinan.

Dave Greenway is a technology loving geek with a love of technology and a penchant for fancy socks. Always keen for a challenge no matter how crazy it may seem at first. Follow Dave on Twitter or Instagram to catch him in action.