Salmon Gravalax Recipe

Salmon gravalax is a wonderful easy to prepare / no pressure to serve menu item which is fresh, healthy and delicious. This dish allows you to prepare it days in advance and on the day you can slice and wrap and then just before serving unwrap dress with lemon, fresh herbs and the appropriate condiments as listed below – so that you can enjoy time with your guests instead of slaving in the kitchen. Great with dry rose bubbly!


1 side fresh salmon fillet, on the skin, pin bones removed
1 cup white sugar

1 cup salt

¼ crushed black pepper

½ cup chopped fresh dill

2 cup grated raw beetroot

Zest of 1 lemon


 Mix together the sugar, salt, pepper and dill – this is a curing mixture

  1. Get an appropriate container/tray wide sides that the fish will fit into. Sprinkle a ⅓ of the curing mixture on the base on the container/tray.
  2. Lay the fish skin side down onto the curing mixture and then pack the top on the fish with the remaining curing mixture and then pack the beetroot and lemon zest on top.
  3. Carefully wrap the entire container in plastic and refridgerate for 3 days.
  4. On day 3 remove the plastic wrap and carefully wipe away the curing mixture from both top and under the fish fillet.
  5. Simply brush with good olive oil and finely slice.
  6. Served with fresh lemon wedges, tartare sauce, black pepper mill and fresh rye bread