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SunCares Arts Academy Students Jumping

SunCares Arts Programme brings festivity to the school winter holidays

The Tsogo Sun SunCares Arts Academy holiday programme brought the wonder of the arts to 395 children from Mayfair and Diepsloot this winter holiday, through creative learning projects, all designed to help build life skills, self discovery and dynamic and symbiotic thinking.

Rob Collins, Chief Marketing Officer of Tsogo Sun, explains “As the CSI arm of Tsogo Sun, the SunCares Arts Academy is a programme that caters to all facets of the arts. We believe we have created a holistic programme for young learners at school that encompasses production, lighting, costume design, as well as an actual staged performance. Personal development is also included in the curriculum, which we hope will go far in preparing the children for their future, no matter what path they choose to take.”

The winter festivities took place from 24 June to 28 June and consisted of two three day programmes – in both Diepsloot and Mayfair. The schedule exposed these dynamic and determined children to practical lessons on hip hop dance, theatre and educational workshops on behind the scenes preparation, symbolism, group image and theme plan, all of which was woven into group activities, including inspiring movies, innovative banners and rustic graffiti walls.

The SunCares Arts Academy winter holiday programme timetable was brought to life when the children were introduced to, and trained by, renowned American hip hop dancer Melly-Mel-Inspires, who has appeared in several Hollywood motion pictures including ‘Sex and The City‘, ‘Honey‘, ‘Chicago’, as well as South African hip hop dancer Kay-Roc & Q who is a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ South Africa judge.

The dancing workshops were enriched by the inspiring Helen Desbois, who has experience as an actress, singer, dancer, voice artist and recording artist in the theatre, television and short film arena, as well as short film actress Kedibone Mokgophana.

Mellissa Flerangile, AKA Melly-Mel-Inspires says, “My aim is to work with youth in communities all over the world and use my passion for dance to motivate and empower them to be at the forefront of any path that transcends the ordinary. Teaching the youth at SunCares Arts Academy is parallel with my movement and it was heartwarming to see the youth express themselves with such character and style, and I hope to be given the opportunity to work with them again.”

“It is often cited that creativity will be the currency of the 21st Century – where the future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create, discover and achieve in a new and exciting paradigm, producing a society that is both culturally and logically literate. This is our aim,” concludes Collins.

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  1. What a great initiative! We sometimes forget that the future of our amazing country lies in the hands of the youth and too often we are consumed by our own lives to give our future leaders a chance. Education moulds their minds while the arts boosts their confidence to face the world. Tsogosun ,please continue to have these valuable workshops throughout SA. SA is in dire need of leaders who will make a difference!

  2. There can never be enough of these life changing initiatives. I would love to assist in any way with these programmes. Every public school should have this opportunity. Dont forget the ones on your door step.

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