Sunday Lunch at Southern Sun The Cullinan

For many of us Sunday Lunch is a happy past time – whether celebrated with family or friends, there is always plenty of delicious food and great company.  We asked Henrico Grobbelaar, Executive Chef at Southern Sun The Cullinan and captain of this year’s South African Culinary Olympic team, what his top 3 tips are for cooking the perfect Sunday Lunch.

Tip 1 – The Roast

  • Cook your roast from room temperature.
  • Allow the roast to rest for 15 -20 minutes before carving.

 Tip 2 – The Yorkshire (aka Popovers)

  • All ingredients should be at room temperature when prepared.
  • Chill the batter for 1 – 2 hours before pouring it into piping hot oil.
  • Never wash your Yorkshire pan, only wipe it with paper towel.

Tip 3 – The Crispy Golden Spud

  • Make use of chicken or duck fat to coat the roast potatoes (the animal fat can handle higher heat than butter or oil)
  • Cook the potatoes at 200°C for 1h30 min.

Sounds easy enough…

But, if you don’t feel like preparing your own Sunday lunch, you can join us every Sunday from 12:30 at Southern Sun The Cullinan’s Peach Tree restaurant for a delicious buffet lunch. Complete with traditional favourites like roast carvery, fresh seasonal vegetables and tempting desserts it’s sure to be a winner.

To book a delicious Sunday lunch at the Peach Tree restaurant, call +27 21 415 4000 and for more information please visit