White Chocolate Nougat Mousse Recipe

Add a bit of festive flare to your holiday cooking with this delicious White Chocolate Nougat Mousse dessert recipe by chef Alfred Henry of Riempies restaurant, at Southern Sun Cape Sun.



Splash of Malay eggnog

Hazelnut praline ring

White chocolate nougat mousse

Cinnamon  infused white chocolate cremo

Glaze cherry gel

Violet edible flowers

Malay spiced egg nog


250ml milk

600ml cream

50g corn flour

12 egg yolk

250g castor sugar

750ml bourbon

125ml dark rum

500ml cognac

Freshly grated nutmeg

2 cinnamon sticks

3 pods cardamom

Vanilla pods


Bring the infused milk and cream to the boil. Strain and return to the heat. Mix together the sugar, corn flour and egg yolks to a smooth paste. Add all the alcohol together; bring to the boil to burn off alcohol. Add to the milk mixture. Use some of the boiled liquid to temper your egg. Add your egg mixture to the pot and stir to thicken.

Hazelnut praline


100g butter

80g ground hazelnuts

200g sugar

100g glucose

90g flour


Melt butter, sugar and glucose together. Sift together flour and ground hazelnuts. Stir the dry ingredients into your liquid to form soft dough. Allow to cool. Spread evenly onto a silpat mat bake at 180 degrees until set and golden brown cut into desired shapes

White chocolate mousse


100ml water

100ml cream

100g castor sugar

1kg white chocolate

1l soft (whipped cream)

8 leaves gelatine (softened in ice water)

100g toasted flaked almonds

10ml cinnamon

100g glazed cherries

100g chopped hazelnuts


Over a double boiler. Add cream,sugar,water and white chocolate till sugar has dissolved and chocolate had melted. Whip cream to soft stage. Allow chocolate mixture to slightly cool add in your melted gelatine. Fold in the nuts,cherries cinnamon spice and lastly your soft whipped cream.pour into a lined tray or lined rings.

Cinnamon and white chocolate cremo


250ml cream

750g white chocolate

4 pieces cinnamon

5ml cinnamon spice

2 egg yolks


Infuse cream with cinnamon sticks and cinnamon spice.remove cinnamon stick and bring cream to the boil. Stir chocolate till dissolved. Once slightly cool whisk in 2 egg yolks

Glazed cherry gel


500g Maraschino cherries

Stock syrup

250ml sugar

125ml water

Ultra tex powder


Bring all the ingredients to a soft boil. Reduce liquid slightly. Allow to cool and blend into a puree. Once cooled and chilled blend with Ultatex powder to form the gel with a smooth consistency.


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