You should be spending more time at SUNCOAST!


KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) is unique in a South African context in that it has the benefit of a temperate climate making it an attractive tourist destination all year round. Considering that KZN boasts an average of 320 days of sunshine per year with winter temperatures ranging from 16° to 25°C this is definitely the place to be if you are into healthy outdoor activity and fun in the sun!

In addition, Durban is quickly building a reputation of being one of South Africa’s premier food destinations. The fact that Durban has had two winners in the South African Masterchef competition is indicative of the importance of good food in this healthy, vibrant culture. The famous Bunny Chow, spicy curries, organic food, healthy, not so healthy and many other delectable delights are testament to the cultural diversity that makes Durban the fascinating city that it is.


SUNCOAST, located on Durban’s Golden Mile is a destination unto itself and offers a number of dining opportunities. Jeera, located in the Suncoast Hotel specialises in authentic Indian dishes from all corners of India. Jeera’s name reflects the restaurant’s dishes distinctive flavour and aroma; and that earthy and warming feeling to food. For a quick meal, the Golden Rajah, is a good option ensuring that the local flavours of Durban’s curries are revered and enjoyed by all.


Besides curries, café culture also abounds and there are a number of eateries offering fine coffees, craft beers and easy meals. At SUNCOAST, Café Vigour, News Café, Mugg and Bean and Vida E Café all offer the casual diner quick and easy meals in a relaxed environment. Pizzas, muffins, burgers, pasta and many more options tempt even the most diet conscious. For those that do not deviate, there is sure to be healthier options in the form of wraps and salads.

Despite the relaxed lifestyle that is so evident, Durban, with its strong history, has also been known for more formal dining environments. The Havana Grill at SUNCOAST maintains the essence of the traditional Grill Room, where it is all about food, wine, cigars and elegance. This venue has to be listed as a destination of choice for any meat or seafood lovers, the popular steakhouse was recently awarded with the Wolftrap Steakhouse Championship award for 2015, meaning they have the best steaks in the country.

For the serious wine lovers, be prepared for The Mercury Wine Week, Durban’s premier wine event taking place at SUNCOAST from 27 – 29 August. There are over 100 wines to choose from making this wine event a popular highlight on the Durban calendar!

With all that’s on offer, we look forward to seeing you at SUNCOAST and be sure to enjoy a gastronomic experience if you are travelling to KZN, looking for a new experience or popping in for the weekend!

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